(“Recurso Contencioso”)

By the Award granted on the 8th November 2012 in proceedings number 73/2012, the Court of Second Instance has determined that the appeal on administrative matters, as foreseen in Sections 20º et seq of the Judicial Administrative Procedure Code, is of strict legality and it is intended only to revoke or declare null or inexistent the administrative acts under review. Furthermore, the award also states that the appeal cannot be mobilized by an interested party to obtain the judicial recognition of any right or legally protected interest.


The same understanding was also stated in the Awards granted by the Court of Second Instance in proceedings numbers 67/2012 and 368/2012.

By the Award granted on the 7th of November of 2012 in proceedings number 62/2012, the Court of Final Appeal has decided that the person responsible for the car accident is required to compensate the injured party for the expenses of medical treatment in Hong Kong, which cannot be given in Macau, as well as the cost of the treatments that, even though they may take place in Macau, are better provided in Hong Kong for the healing or recovery of the patient.

The Court of Final Appeal also decided that the loss of earning capacity for permanent and total disablement for the exercise of public functions can be compensated regardless of whether or not the injured party earns a retirement pension, a salary in a private activity or an income for self-employment.    (Portuguese Version)    (Chinese Version)

On 7/11/2012 the Macau Legislative Assembly has approved, in general terms, a proposal for Amendment of the Non Resident Workers Law. The project is now for detailed discussion and separate voting by the Legislative Assembly 3rd Permanent Committee.    (Chinese Version)    (Portuguese Version)

On 01/11/2012 has entered into force Law 10/2012.
The object of such Law is:
(i) to establish the restrictions to enter and the ability of to gamble in casinos
(ii) to limit the ability of any person under 21 years old to engage any professional activities within the casinos

(iii) To regulate the destiny of the bets and of the gains of those restricted to gamble

On 30/10/2012 was gazzetted the Chief Executive Dispatch number 296/2012, approving the requirements for the smoking areas in casinos.

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