On 27-5-2013 was Gazetted the Law n.º 7/2013 that regulates the Real Estate Transaction prior to the contraction;

The object of the law are the promissory agreements executed prior to the construction of the of the building; it applies to transactions as well as to the encumbrance of buildings prior to their construction;

The law is meant to regulate the functioning of the real estate market, the reinforcement of transparency of the transactions and the protection of the rights and interests of the parties.

The law entered into force on the first day of the following month after the Gazette.

On 22-4-2013 was Gazetted the Law n.º 5/2013;

The object of the law is the supervision, management, preventive measures, control, risk care and incidents treatment mechanism regarding food safety in order to ensure the health and safety of the end consumer;

The Law applies to the manufacturing and commercialization of food products as well as to the use of food additives and products related to food products, determining new food standards, rules and procedures for prevention and control of the food quality as well as new penalty regime for the infringement of food standards;

The law entered into force 180 days after it has been Gazetted.

On the 15-4-2013 was Gazetted the Law n.º 4/2013 that modified the Law n.º 21/2009 regarding the employment of non-resident workers.

The new Law has modified paragraphs 2 and 3 of Section 4 of the Law n.º 21/2009 establishing new  rules for the issuing of permanency authorization in cases of the cancelation and forfeiture of a previous authorization.

On 2-4-2013 was Gazetted a the Chief Executive Dispatch n.º 58/2013 that compels the taxpayers of the A Group to have accounting books and documents indicated in the dispatch.

On 2-4-2013 was Gazetted the administrative regulation n.º 4/2013 that has as object of the Law n.º 16/2012 regarding the real estate brokerage.

The regulation proceeds with the regulation of the real estate brokerage activity, namely:

  • The requirements and process to become a real estate brokerage;
  • The real estate brokerage activity;
  • The supervision of the activity;
  • Fees to be paid by the interested parties;


The regulation enters into force on the same date as the Law n.º 16/2012.

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