On 15-10-13 was gazzeted the Administrative Regulation n.º 23/2013 that created the Family and Minor´s and the Labor Courts.

According to Section 29-C of the Judicial Organization Law the newly created Labor Court has jurisdiction over judicial proceeding, incidents, and civil and contravention matters emerging from labor relations, without prejudice to others that may be assigned by specific laws.

According to Section 29-D of the Judicial Organization Law the newly created Family and Minor´s Court has a wide jurisdiction on all matters concerning family relations and Minor´s, such as, divorce proceedings, annulment and declaration of inexistence of marriages, child support, paternity and maternity matters, etc.

The Administrative Regulation entered into force the day after being published and, according to the Executive Order n.º 64/2013, started producing its effects on the 16th of October 2013, date of commencement of function of the abovementioned Courts.

On 2-9-13 was gazzeted the Law n.º 10/2013 establishing the new rules regarding management of the territory´s Lands.

The Law revokes the previous Land Law, Law n.º 6/80/M of 5th of July 1980, and enters into force on the 1st of March 2014.

The main objective of the Law is the increase of efficiency of the distribution and exploitation of the land.

The Law also intends to promote the sustainable development of Macau, improving the population life quality, being specially intended to regulate matters related with the management of the land, in particular, the improvement of the land concession rules, inter alia, through the establishment of the obligation of public tender for the concession, revision of the criteria’s for de determination of the premium to be paid for the concession, the limitation of the possibility of transmission of the land concession and with increase of supervision and penalties.

The law is based on nine base Principles: 1) sustainability, 2) useful and effective use of the lands, 3) supervision and control of the proceeding and the use of the lands, 4) public information, 5) equal access to land, 6) environmental safeguard, 7) submission to the urban plans, 8) publicity of the land legal situation, and 9) legal certainty.    (Portuguese Version)    (Chinese Version)    (Bilingual Version)



On the 2-9-13 was gazzeted the new Urban Planning Law, applicable to the elaboration, approval, execution, revision and modification of urban plans.

The objective of the Law is to promote the improvement of the population life quality through, inter alia, the:

  • Promotion of a harmonious and sustainable urban development.
  • Promotion of the protection of the properties classified as cultural heritage.
  • Promotion of the living environment.
  • The land rational use.
  • Promotion of the nature conservation and the preservation of the environmental balance.    (Portuguese Version)    (Chinese Version)    (Bilingual Version)


On the 26-8-2013 was Gazzeted the Law n.º 9/2013 that modified the Macau Code of Criminal Procedure.

The law approved several modifications to the Code of Criminal Procedure, being the most relevant:

  • Changes to the deadlines regarding the main procedural actions that need to be executed by the parties, including appeals of the Court’s decisions, which are now, in general, 20 days;
  • Clarification on the rules regarding notification of the procedural steps to the Parties and respective attorneys;
  • Changes to provisions governing the absence of the defendant at the Trial Hearing;
  • Express regulation of the situations in joint proceedings where certain defendants are absent and others in attendance of the Trial Hearing;
  • Extension of the number of situations where the Trial Hearing in summary procedures (“processo sumário”) – applicable to situations in which the defendant was arrested during the commitment of a Crime that is punishable with a maximum prison sentence of three years, or fine penalty, in which the trial is to be held within 48 hours after the arrest – may be postponed up to 30 days following the arrest;
  • Changes to the “processo sumaríssimo” regime, in particular extending the possibility of such procedural regime applying to crimes with maximum prison sentence of three years;
  • The establishment of a new simplified procedure (“processo simplificado”), that allows a particularly fast Trial in situations where Public Prosecutor Office has simple and clear evidence of the occurrence of a crime; This type of procedure is applicable to crimes punishable with maximum imprisonment sentence of 3 years;
  • General improvement to the rules governing the appeals, in particular, express limitation of the situations where an appeal can be dismissed;


The changes introduced enter into force on the 1st of January 2014.

On the 14-08-2013 was Gazzetted the Executive Order n.º 46/2013 approving Macau´s new Air Navigation Regulation revoking the Executive Order n.º 8/2011.

The new regulation is an update to the previously existing regulation, resulting from national and international navigation rules published after the Executive Order n.º 8/2011, in particular concerning:

  • Aircraft Equipment, incorporating several provisions issued by the International Civil Aviation Organization (“ICAO”);
  • Aircraft classification and registration Marks, incorporating several provisions issued by the International Civil Aviation Organization (“ICAO”) ICAO;
  • The Period of Validity of Flight Crews Licenses;
  • Penalties, updated in accordance with Administrative regulations n.º 10/2004 and 18/2008 and with provisions set forth in regulations issued by AACM;
  • Rules of transportation of Dangerous Goods by air;


The Executive Order entered into force on the 15-8-2013.

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