On 18-3-2013 was Gazetted the new administrative Regulation n.º 3/2013 that modified the administrative Regulation  n.º 3/2009 regarding the organization and functioning of the commission against corruption;

The new administrative regulation modified, per example:

  • The organic structure of the commission;
  • The procedures followed in the investigation;
  • The phases of the procedures.

By notice n.º 2/2013 of the Chief Executive was Gazetted the new agreement between Macau and Hong Kong pursuant to which both SAR´s agree to recognize and execute arbitral decisions taken by the Courts of one another according to their respective law, without the need of confirmation of a “local” Court.

By award for unification of the case law, granted on the 6th of February of 2013, in proceedings number 34/2012, the Court of Final Appeal has declared the invalidity of the registration of a trademark due to the fact of being at stake a widely-consumed product and, therefore, a well-known trademark for the purposes of Article 230 of the Industrial Property Legal Regime. A well-know trademark is not only a basis for objection to registration, but also a reason for challenging the validity of the registration of a trademark.    (available only in Portuguese)

On 3-12-2012 was Gazetted the Chief executive dispatch number n.º 331/2012 updating the fees to be paid by offshore financial institutions that have local branches and/or subsidiaries in Macau; the new fees payable have been set in the amount of 30,000 MOP and 50,000 MOP, respectively.

On 3-12-2012 was Gazetted the Executive Order n.º 49/2012 establishing the new Supervision fees to be paid by the credit institutions, the financial intermediary Companies and the currency exchange houses.

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